Being Value Driven

Mountainview has been looking to become more “Value” driven. I have been sitting beside my dad here in the Belleville General Hospital for the last twenty-four hours. Hospitals are often quiet during the night, but not always. Several carts carried computer screens and on each computer screen was a list of five values. Each time nurses punch in their patient’s report, they first come up against these values. I was intrigued by what I saw and impressed by the way in which each staff member carries them out. Their first value is Imagine it’s you.” What a great way going into each room, tending each patient lying on the bed. I thought of the golden rule “love your neighbor as yourself.” The second value states “Respect Everyone.” My dad has had six different roommates in the two week’s that he’s been here, with the seventh arriving today. Family members have been amazed at the different characters, personalities and stories that need medical attention from all walks of life and varied backgrounds. I was delighted to have Mountainview share their value. The third value statement read “Take Ownership,” and that speaks to every person on staff, taking their task, their gift, their job description seriously. Take ownership of the decisions you make and the actions you take. Take ownership of the facility in which you work. Care for both patients and place. The fourth value read “We all help providing care.” As family members staying overnight, we are most impressed with nurses, cleaning people, Doctor’s assistants, culinary staff and clerical assistants. Everyone is so helpful. They seem to have time for us as a family, listening to all our questions and concerns, checking in on us on a regular basis. There is a sense of teamwork throughout the floor. The fifth value says; “Always strive to improve.” There is an atmosphere on this floor, and in this hospital, that even makes family members feel like part of the team. This kind of intentionality around values and culture building takes place in hospitals and nursing homes and workplaces and shopping districts and community centers and church fellowships across this nation. Just as hospitals are designed to make people feel welcome, at ease, and tend to illness and disease by making people better, so churches are gatherings of sinners looking for healing, hope, and grace. May our values also shape us towards impacting our community. Pastor Sid

Peter Van Geest