Space For God

Next weekend many family members will be gathering together to celebrate Christmas, and the following weekend more friends will usher in the changing of the calendar and “ring in” the new year of 2018. New Years celebrations include fresh starts. Some will look at curbed spending, decreasing debt and increased savings. Others will focus on losing weight, eating healthier and exercising more. As staff at Mountainview we see the new year as a fresh start in our spiritual disciplines as well. On January 7th we are going to begin a sermon series on “Building Your Prayer Life.” The series comes from a book on prayer written by Don Postema, called Space for God. The first message is entitled “Making Space for God,” followed by a message on January 14th called “My Only Comfort.” On January 21st we will look at “Gratitude, Taking Nothing for Granted,” and Cadet Sunday on January 28th will focus on “God Seeking Us.” February 4th, will help us address “Prayer as Act,” and the series will close with a message on February 11th, called “Wrestling with God.” Many of you are already have active prayer lives, involved in Small Groups, in Coffee Break, and ministry leadership positions. This is an invitation to anyone who wants to strengthen their prayer journey, whether conversations with God are stagnant and stale, or alive and well. On Thursday evenings, starting January 4th, you are invited to pick up a book and come for 9 weeks and walk through Don Postema’s Space for God, while the sermon series “Building Your Prayer Life,” is being preached. Please sign up this weekend or the next so we can determine how many books actually need to be purchased. We will be meeting in the Choir Room every Thursday evening from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. January is a great month to set resolutions towards bettering ourselves, whether it be financially, health wise, or more disciplined in time management. Consider adding spiritual disciplines to your list of resolutions and join us in growing Space for God. 

Peter Van Geest