Welcoming Fall – To God be the Glory

The cold front moved in this week and helped us say good bye to an extended rendition of summer. The last three weeks of September graced us with the warmth and sunshine that eluded us much of July and August. The “big pool” called Lake Ontario still invited me in for some strokes of refreshment, and now it’s October. Temperatures are dropping, leaves are falling, lake water is still receding and sun is lower, causing shadows to increase. Next weekend marks Canadian Thanksgiving and citizens across this expansive nation will take an entire weekend to celebrate and give thanks. We’ll be holding a worship service on Monday, inviting us to not only give thanks in receiving, but to pay it forward and give thanks through generosity and blessing others. The deacons have placed brown paper bags in our mail slots to invite us to fill the GBF pantry. October has five Sundays and we are looking back to help us look forward, asking does Reformed really matter, is being Reformed is still relevant? The theme was designed in anticipation of 500th Anniversary Commemoration of the Protestant Reformation. Each Sunday we will preach on one of the five ALONE’s, including “Grace Alone,” “Faith Alone,” “Jesus Alone,” “Scripture Alone,” and “To God Alone be the Glory.” These five messages will conclude with a Reformation Day service on Sunday evening, October 29th, where Classis Niagara is invited, along with other Agencies and Ministries to commemorate the Reformation and celebrate the Lordship of Jesus Christ in all of life. Then on October 31st, our young people will invite others to join them in trick-or-canning the neighborhood to again, help fill GBF’s pantry with food items. Colors are beginning to change with yellows and reds peeking out of the earliest trees. Grapes purple and green, are hanging from their vines, just waiting to be plucked, stomped and squished. Soon the ridge will be transformed with orange and every strain of yellow and red in between. The seasons are changing from summer into fall, and it almost seems as if creation itself is joining us in this celebration of thanksgiving and proclaiming “to God alone be the Glory, forever and ever, Amen.” 


Peter Van Geest