Same Sex Attraction and the Body of Christ

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Last year a member of Mountainview received a video link from Calvin College, of a message given by Chaplain Rev. Mary Hulst, around Same Sex Attraction. One of our own students happened to be at that chapel and was also part of Mountainview’s Education Committee. The Education Committee thought it would be helpful for members of Mountainview to see the same presentation. Their goal was to help Mountainview members pastorally serve our daughters, sons and families who struggle with the issue of same sex attraction in their lives. They brought the motion forward to the Ministry Leadership Team and looked for affirmation from Executive Council. The motion went back and forth, three times; originally looking for a video presentation, listening to personal testimonies and engaging in some dialogue around the issue. The discussion went from three meetings down to two meetings, and executive council thought the issue was important enough for everyone to wrestle with during a morning service of worship. Same sex attraction is something that does not just affect one person, but entire families. There is often a larger extended family of aunts and uncles and grandparents who also join in the challenges and struggles. And it’s not just one person who struggles with same sex attraction, but two, or three, or four or five different people in any given congregation, each at a different place in their journey, handling it the best way they know how. Together, the education committee and executive council tried to establish two consecutive dates in January, and then again in February, but could not line up dates that worked. We finally settled on April 8th, as a date to address “Same Sex Attraction and the Body of Christ.” I will be preaching on the issue in the morning service. We want to invite each of you back to the afternoon service of worship at 5:00 p.m. where we will show the presentation given by Chaplain Mary Hulst from Calvin College. After viewing her chapel presentation, we will invite you to join us for coffee and fellowship around tables for no more than a half hour to forty-five minutes, where three questions will be asked for us to dialogue around. Our goal is to pastorally serve sons and daughters and families who struggle with the issue of same sex attraction, diminishing judgmental behavior and increasing compassion, while being the body of Christ.                                              Pastor Sid

Karin Terpstra