Winter Thaw

We walked into our meeting that evening with trees glistening in ice. Sidewalks were treacherous and driveways were accidents waiting to happen. Branches were bent over, evergreens weighed down and berries covered in glass. Blades of grass were frozen white, and icicles hung everywhere. For two days the region was covered in ice. Temperatures fluctuated between 0 and -2, as rain continued to fall transforming the entire area into a winter wonderland. Schools were cancelled two days in a row. Sand trucks did their thing and ploughs took ice off the roads. Continuous traffic kept road tops from freezing over, allowing people to get up and around, but you had to be so careful stepping out of the car and on to frozen surfaces. The journey from the car to the front door, for some, turned into an adventure. Ice storms are different than snow storms. They give a totally different look. Instead of everything covered in snow, all things have a frozen shine to them. The wind shakes, branches crackle and sway. Older trees are pruned under the accumulating weight of ice, bringing down branches with a shattering crash. When our meeting adjourned three hours later, we stepped outside and noticed all the ice had disappeared. The branches and the trees were released from their frozen bondage. There must have been a change in temperature, ever so slight, accompanied with a warmer gentle breeze, that caused the frozen waters to melt, drip and flow. The breath of God’s Spirit has a similar effect on the insides of our souls, melting hardships, thawing grudges, softening hearts and filling empty holes of grief.

                                                                                  Pastor Sid

Karin Terpstra