Showers of Blessing

Rain on crops.jpg

Last Sunday’s rain was a wonderful gift from the heavens. Lawns were browning, flowers needed daily watering as gardens were wilting, fruits were shriveling, trees were stressed, and crops were stinted. We prayed for rain in church the week before, and privately weeks before that. Sue’s dad has a birthday in the second week of July and every year, when asked what he wanted for birthday, he would always say “two inches of rain.” Well, it happened last Saturday night. About the time many were on their way to bed, the rain started dropping. It was gentle, soft and steady. It made me think of those who were camping, listening to drops hitting the tent, wondering where the water was draining next. It stirred up memories of running into town and purchasing three pairs of children’s size pink rubber boots. Some have lived under tarps the entire week, where the wood was all wet and everything was damp, soggy and cold, while craving for sun. But this summer, here in Ontario, there is enough sun to go around, with temperatures and lack of rain that have cancelled campfires, removing one of camping’s greatest features. It has been so warm and dry this summer, that we’ve almost forgotten how long and cool our spring was. Even gathering together in church felt damp, muggy, muggy, and a little uncomfortable. But last Sunday’s rain, was such a gift from the heavens that I’d dare say no one complained. Once the rain arrived, it was as if a welcomed old friend had returned. Grass regained is color, flowers perked up their blooms, and gardens were quenched. Crops got soaked and grew through the day and the night. The clouds broke up and the sun came out, reminding us how gracious that gift of rain actually was. Two inches of water were dropped over the entire region, with few cracks of thunder and limited lightening strikes. No wind storms preceded the changes in air pressure from cold fronts clashing with warm fronts. It was an answer to prayer from a covenant God, who continues to prove himself faithful from generation to generation.

                                                                                                                        Pastor Sid

Karin Terpstra