Stars of Glory


We have tagged the August long weekend as “Couperus Camping Time,” where we gather as siblings, my older brother and his wife, my younger brother and his wife, and my younger sister and her husband, and any children and grandchildren able to attend. This year we secured four beautiful camping sights on the shores of Lake Ontario, in Presquile Provincial Park in Brighton. The weather was most cooperative. Realizing that we live on the South Western side of Lake Ontario, we were reminded again just how big this body of fresh water is. Then we stepped into the night sky and suddenly the lake was considerably diminished. The moon was still buried. Hundreds and thousands and millions of stars filled the sky. The Milky Way was in clear view. Several planes were blinking their red lights through space. Satellites were quietly circling the globe. And without warning, there came the International Space Station in full glow. Off to the right was the reddish planet Mars, and further right was Jupiter. The only reflections on the water came from these two planets, magnifying their presence. This coming weekend is supposed to be the best opportunity to watch for falling stars in the night sky. Many people can make out the Big Dipper and from there, find the Little Dipper. One of my brothers had an App on his phone that helped pick out constellations, like Scorpius and Aquarius, and Cassiopeia, and Leo and Gemini. These constellations are not real, but a grouping of stars lined up by poets and farmers and astronomers and astrologers. Some cultures worshiped the sun and the moon and the stars, believing they successfully determine our future. There were a group of astrologers who came from the East who followed a magnificent star they believed would take them to this world’s new king, and they were correctly guided to a baby named Jesus, 2000 years ago. Here’ the amazing thing about all those planets, and moons and stars; they are always there; day and night, in darkness and light. They are there above the storms and behind the clouds, during times of wars and times of peace. Like our God, they may not always be visible, but they are always constant. The planets and moons and the stars and galaxies beyond, all give glory to our God, as does the earth. To God be the Glory, for ever and ever, amen!        

                                                                                                                        Pastor Sid

Karin Terpstra