Delighting in Water

salmon run.jpg

I went for one last dip in the big pool on Wednesday, October 10th. The air was warm, the surface calm, the water crystal clear and refreshingly cool. Two days of summer-like temperatures coaxed me in for one last splash. Truth is, I saw someone else swimming and thought I should try that too. Once summer got going, the Lake has been rather gentle, welcoming and warm. With footage from hurricane Florence, and Michael beating up on Florida and the Eastern coast, I’m more grateful than ever for the moderate temperatures with few scattered storms in between. The tsunami that devastated the shores of Indonesia swallowed up villages and towns whole. We will get more rain and the fall waters will help raise the lake and swell rivers and overflow creeks, giving salmon permission to swim back home and spawn another cycle of life. Salmon have a four-year cycle, where they get washed out from rock beds, and into our lakes and from our lakes swim out to the sea. While we watch Jet ski’s and sail boats, pleasure crafts and lake haulers move their goods on top, hundreds and thousands and millions of fish swim their routes underneath. It’s that time of the year again, where bathing suits and water shoes are packed away, where pools are drained, motors put inside, and surfaces covered and sealed. The time of swimming moves indoors, bathtubs, hot-tubs, and the YMCA. Only when surfaces harden, when ice is formed, shoveled off and laid bare, can swimming holes and ponds and creek beds be revisited, where water is walked on, cut into with blades, or slid over on skiis. The change of seasons moves from hot to cold, from soft to hard and warm to frozen, but still invites us to come out and enjoy the water. All we need to do is change our gear. To be surrounded by an abundance of fresh water to play in or on is such an amazing gift.          Pastor Sid


Karin Terpstra