Building Christ's Kingdom, Not our Empires

We came together on Thursday for Noon Hour worship at St. John’s Presbyterian Church in Grimsby. About 50 or 60 people gathered in the Old Stone sanctuary, with Ernie Termorshuizen accompanying us on the organ. On the way downstairs for lunch someone mentioned how well the members of Mountainview sang, and it probably helped that we chose songs that were most familiar to us. The people who come are mostly retired, each representing another church community in town. We had a ministerial meeting after the lunch and Father Ronald was there from St. Joseph’s, Pastor Rob Bannister from New Life, Paul Maines from Lakemount, and Kyle Dore from St. John’s. Lisa Heuving from Grimsby Life Center chaired the meeting. We were also introduced to Rev. Donna Lea who was three weeks into her new call at Trinity United Church in town. Steven Samuels was invited from Beamsville, where he introduced us to his website: There you can click on to his podcast and his YouTube page. He wanted to invite each and everyone to email him evidence of God’s presence, reign and rule in the Niagara Region, at work in our churches, communities and region. People who came to the noon hour Lenten service were from any one of these local churches, and many of them come year after year. We went downstairs and feasted on the lunch provided by members of Mountainview. You had to pass the desert table before you could pick from 1 of 6 varieties of sandwiches, neatly cut in triangles. Then you moved to the soup section where four ladies from Mountainview were serving cups of tomato, potato, or Dutch meatball or Dutch beef soup. I sat beside one gentleman who told me he loved it when Mountainview was in charge of the soup and service, because they always come with desert. The theme of this year’s Lenten series is “Building Christ’s Kingdom, Not Our Own Empires,” and as we sat together on this Thursday having lunch together, I thought I caught a glimpse of God’s kingdom breaking through.         

Pastor Sid

Karin Terpstra