It's About Time

It’s time. Through the night, clocks were moved one hour ahead, robbing us one hour of sleep. The early morning greeted us with darkness, giving an invitation to witness yet another spectacular sunrise. More than that, we have once again been handed “outdoor time.” It’s about time; after supper time, to walk around the block, take the dog for a run, or jump on the bike for a spin. It’s about time we put away our mittens and scarves and toques and replace them with head bands and ball gloves and caps. It’s about time we take off our parkas and winter coats for sweaters and jackets. It’s about time we shelve our winter boots and buy some new runners. We now have time after supper and after supper time will also stretch into before breakfast light. It’s time we get out of doors and into God’s exploding creation. Rather than robbed of an hour of sleep, it’s as if we are being rewarded with more minutes that lengthen every day, each week for months to come. Our annual long weekend family campout has already been booked. It’s about time. It may be still winter with spring almost here, but many are planning vacations, trip-trigged road maps, cleaning up cottages and reserving sites in the woods. It’s about time. There are children to see, families to catch up with and friends to hang out with, roads to travel and all kinds of places to explore. If the truth were to be told, we lose more hours of sleep worrying over the smallest and silliest things, and some sad and serious too. But these added minutes before breakfast and after supper come with healing and wholeness and added light that shines on all to see, great and glorious is our creator king. It’s time. After supper, go outside and play. Before breakfast, get up and catch the robins symphony accompanying the morning’s rising sun. It’s about time; yours to take. Walk, run, bike, explore, remember and beleive.   

Pastor Sid

Karin Terpstra