Winter Storms...but Spring is Coming

This winter we have seen a creative variety of storms. It began rather gently in November already, with some pre-season cheer, informing everyone that Christmas was coming. Many eagerly greeted the white powdered transformation of snow that affirmed our reality that the calendar was changing. Season’s Greetings and New Year’s celebrations were rather mild and accommodating. Then came the Polar Vortex that crept across the continent, sinking Provinces and States alike into frigid record setting temperatures. In the middle of that vortex came a snow storm that had us stream church on line. Suddenly we were longing for – 5 and –10 degrees as more seasonal norms. A couple of North Easters swept across Lake Ontario, forming ice caves along our South Western shores. We breathed a sigh of relief when temperatures returned to normal, saying “glad that’s over”. Normal temperatures hoovered between 0 and -5, allowing precipitation to be transformed into ice storms. Sidewalks, driveways and parking lots were treacherous. Traffic was paralyzed for two days. One of those days, the weather channel flashed “Lightening Storm” with thunder clouds rolling through. The storm cycles seemed to have a weekly rhythm to them, bringing regular “Snow day” cancellations for schools and causing GEMS to be cancelled four weeks straight. Last week we had a wind storm that blew across the entire province for two and a half days, causing some blizzard and white out conditions. Highway 400 had a seventy-vehicle pile-up of cars, trucks, SUVs, and tanker trucks. And this week we were greeted with another beautiful, soft, white, fluffy, snow fall that piling some 10 to 15 centimeters of fresh new snow. It reminded me of the snow fall that began our winter season in November. I thought this season of winter displayed such a variety of esthetic beauty throughout. In places like Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, and Ottawa, they just call this winter, but because our temperatures have hovered close to 0 and -5 in-between the storms, each atmospheric pressure change presented its own distinct characteristic, personality and beauty. And now its March. For some, this winter has already been way too long, but be warned. Two and a half weeks from now marks beginning of Spring. Even though everything is still so cold and miserable and frozen and white, get ready. Be ready, because it’s coming… just like the return of our Lord. 

Pastor SId

Karin Terpstra