Grandparenting is like going back to school again, only this time you are a student of the student. We were greeted at the airport by both grandchildren, our oldest granddaughter who is two, and our grandson who is already one month old. Car seats are awkward and heavy, but little hands with little fingers reach up to help us use crosswalks and lead us to the correct car. Grandma has to crawl over one car seat to sit between the two. A high-pitched voice is stringing words into sentences, telling mommy when she can go (green means go). First stop, Tim Bits. Once home we are introduced to each of her toys and to books that need to be read. My favorite book so far is “Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons.” The weather is warm and visibility poor, with smoke filtering all of the West. The blow-up pool was a great afternoon event. I had forgotten how much fun a little bit of water could produce. Sprinkles and splashes of cold water that tickle the flesh, and laughter and giggles and screams that continuously begged for more. Soon it was time to go shopping, so back in the car. Grandma in the back in between, and granddad in front with mom at the wheel. To Winners and Home Sense we went. I had the best job of all. Reuben was my responsibility as the ladies went to shop. I discarded the car seat and took him in my arms. For an hour I paraded up and down each isle, clicking and cooing at my name sake. I have to admit, it was more fun that watching birds. The trip was a success with packages and parades. The next day we walked in the park. Our granddaughter found a rock worth keeping, and thought I needed one too. She then picked up freshly mowed grass, discarded the stone, and passed on some grass to granddad, inviting him to lighten his load too. As I was placing her into her seat, she told me not to pick my nose, but to straighten out my finger and carefully rub it back and forth. Prior to bed time we were introduced to her new-found friends. It’s the only television that she knows. All of us get on the coach and settle in for Paw Patrol. There are Chase, Marshal, Rocky, Rubble, Zuma and Skye who are led by their ten-year-old leader named Ryder. Watching 12 minutes of Paw Patrol is so much better than watching the nightly news. Is it ever fun being back at school again, this time being a student of these little students, and are we ever learning a lot. Life is good and God is great, and there is so much more to discover.                                                                                                          

                                                                                                                                                             Pastor Sid

Karin Terpstra