Everyday Disciplines: Steps in Becoming More like Jesus

We are beginning to prepare for the season of Lent, a forty-day journey that will bring us to Palm Sunday and the week of passion. The season of Lent has long been looked at as penitential preparation for Easter. Peter Schuurman offered a Lent Series that he wrote, to this year’s copy of Reformed Worship. He is the Executive Director for Global Scholars Canada, living in Guelph Ontario, while attending New Life Christian Reformed Church. He also teaches part time at Redeemer University College and Tyndale Seminary in Toronto. We’ve renamed the series “Everyday Disciplines; Steps to Becoming more Like Jesus.” On March 10th, we’ll look at “The Spiritual Discipline of Getting lost” which sounds rather odd, until you consider Israel’s forty-year journey through the wilderness; Israel’s centuries in exile; and Jesus in the wilderness forty days. On March 17th we’ll look at “Being Grounded” and walking in the present tense. On March 24th; we’ll look at “The Spiritual Discipline of Physical Labor,” with Jesus as a carpenter and his disciples, fishermen. On March 31st, we’ll celebrate Doorways into Our Community and look at “The Spiritual Discipline of Saying No.” April 7th, will have us once again explore “The Spiritual Discipline of Pronouncing Blessing”, which leads us right into the week of Passion. April 14th, marks Palm Sunday, which looks at “The Spiritual Discipline of Waking Up To God.” Good Friday is on April 19th, and we’ll examine “The Spiritual Discipline of Feeling Pain.” Easter Sunday will be celebrated on April 21st, marking the resurrecting of Jesus and “The Spiritual Discipline of Starting Over.” Each of these disciplines ties into themes that weave their way in and out of scriptures and the fabric of our lives, as we seek to take steps that have us become more like Jesus, while keeping in step with God’s Spirit. Lent begins on March 6th, Ash Wednesday. Start already now thinking how you might be more intentional during this season of Lent, allowing yourself to be drawn closer to Jesus in all you say and do. 

Pastor Sid

Karin Terpstra