Aging "The Final Frontier"

On March 30th I attended an all-day seminar in Toronto, entitled “Aging, the Final Frontier”. It was sponsored by CRC Disability Concerns, Christian Chaplain Network, Faith Formation, Word and Spirit Institute and several other agencies. Some two hundred people came and signed up for three work shops as well as two plenary sessions. Dr. Paul Wong, author of the book Inspiration for Difficult Times was our key note speaker. He introduced us to five myths; Myth #1; When you are healthy you have everything; the truth is, we need social resources, spiritual resources, cognitive resources and physical resources. Myth #2; An ideal retirement is a happy stress-free life; the truth is, only dead people are stress-free. We should never be too old to set new goals. Myth #3. Marriage gets better with age; often the opposite is true with life becoming more challenging the older we get. A good marriage is intentional and takes work; Myth #4. Wisdom comes from old age; there is no fool like an old fool. It takes a life time to know how to age well. Don’t only remember the happy times, but work through struggles, difficulties and hardships and pass on what you’ve learned to the next generation. Myth #5; Ideal old age is avoiding death and prolonging life; The wisdom of mortality is to accept the losses; to let go and let God continue to work through us. The goal is to live life fully. Don’t get too comfortable because that does not prepare you well for old age. We received many valuable insights throughout the day and were directed towards several inspiring reads; James Houston; A Vision for the Aging Church; Walter Wrights book The Third, Third of Life. The truth is, we are all getting older, only the 60, 70, 80 and 90 year olds invest more time thinking about it. And it’s in aging, that we are all drawn closer towards the presence of the Lord.  

                                 Pastor Sid

Karin Terpstra