Fresh Wind


We spent ten days in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and only saw Mount Baker one afternoon. Smoke has blown into the valley from the top of Vancouver Island, and from fires in the Central Eastern part of the province. The sun is light orange by day, and the moon a richer orange by night. To think, it only takes a spark to get a fire going. Some have been caused by lightning strikes but others from human carelessness. Fire bans are province wide. It has not rained for some time here and most of the lawns are brown. The elderly are not going outside and infants are told to stay indoors. And yet, life continues as normal. People still go to work. Games are called on the diamond and the pitch. Cyclers, joggers, dog walkers keep their stride. Tourist attractions are still packed with people. They simply can’t see the hills and the valleys and the mountains. The locals say three of the last four summers have seen this kind of condition, wondering if it might be the new normal. A radio station from Spokane encouraged residents to install fans on their homes, blowing the smoke back into Canada. Never mind all the smoke coming from up from Northern California. China has been struggling with poor air quality for years, blowing over the Mountains into South Korea. It’s hard to think that fires fought hundreds and thousands of kilometers away negatively affect entire population bases. Sin has a similar affect. We have no idea how our shortcomings, brokenness and collective sins, choke out persons and entire people groups hundreds and thousands of miles away. People are praying for the fire fighters and people who are being evacuated from the flames. They are praying for rain and strong winds that would blow the smoke out to sea. It’s like churches praying for renewal, regeneration, revival and rebirth. We know there are mountains and hills that proclaim God’s glory and splendor, behind the smoke. Much like God’s image that yearns to be vibrantly displayed among those who follow Jesus. We continue to pray for the fresh winds of the Holy Spirit, to help us see.                                                                                                                                                                  Pastor Sid

Karin Terpstra