Maple Syrup Patience

maple syrup pails.jpg

The weather has been pretty constant these last number of weeks, hovering between 0 and 5 degrees during the day and 0 and - 5 degrees by night. Each day seems to bring with it sunshine and snow, cool winds and teasing warmth. We know what’s coming, but its still not here … yet. Voices are weary of winter and yearning for spring. But, we still have to wait. The only thing weather like this seems to be good for is woodchucks and squirrels and maple syrup. Did you know this was the best kind of weather for maple syrup to flow? You know it’s early spring when cans are nailed to trees, and maples are strung together by plastic lines, draining sweet nectar into waiting tanks. As we impatiently wait for seasons to change, a lot still happens. Spring cleaning begins to take place. Closest are cleaned, clothes are sorted. Sweaters, hats, mittens, and thick winter coats are once again stored. Young couples have it when they are engaged, this waiting time in-between. There is a leaving and cleaving that happens during down times, a dreaming of what’s to come and thoughts of appreciation and gratitude of what’s been. This kind of impatience takes place when graduating from college and university and looking, applying, and hunting for a job. Applications are sent out and rejections stack up, with few taking stock of who you are let alone what you have to offer, and then it happens. A job offer is made and suddenly, all of life picks up and spring has arrived. But it’s that waiting that is so hard! In weather like this, impatience is most understandable! Along with understanding it, we feel it. But the Lord has a way of preparing our lives for some very sweet things in life. Knowing that spring is only days away fills our hearts with patience and fuels our soul with heightened anticipation. This coming Wednesday marks the first day of spring, and oh what a glorious day that will be, because once spring breaks, there is no turning back, and life will abound! Patience people, patience. This is the best kind of weather for maple syrup.       

Pastor Sid

Karin Terpstra