The Season is Changing

good bye summer, hello fall.jpg

Children are back in school. Young people have signed up for extra-curricular activities. University students have once again swelled the numbers of their cities and towns. By the end of this week, summer will officially be over, as the calendar turns over to Fall. Soccer turns to hockey and baseball gives way to football. T-shirts are topped with sweaters and jackets and short-sleeved shirts are exchanged for long sleeves. Sandals give way to sneakers, and shorts are simply put away. Mornings seem darker, and evenings shorter. Trees are looking tired, with some leaves blushing and branches turning red. Low hanging fruit are gracing local vineyards, apples and pears crying out “pick me.” Pumpkins and gourds have outgrown their foliage. Cornfields and soybean crops are waiting their harvest. The seasons are changing, and God’s faithfulness is sure. Birds are flocking together and tanking up, with compasses pointed South. Salmon are gathering at the mouths of inlets and rivers and creeks, waiting for fall rains to drop, as they make their trek back to their beds. Night time temperatures are dropping, letting out the warmth. Air-conditioners are silenced, giving over to fire places and furnaces. Calendars are turning, summer into fall, bringing a new season upon us, new opportunities to sing God’s praises and receive the Lord’s grace. May the beginning of this new church calendar year assist your giving glory to God. May you find ways to grow with each other in worship, in ministry, in relationship and love. May you go into this season with the Lord’s blessings in your face and on your back. The season is changing.                                                                                                 Pastor Sid

Karin Terpstra