MIddle Ground Parking Lot


The carnival was graced with good weather, hundreds of guests and a great number of volunteers. On Saturday, June 16th, 873 people came through the front gate, 75% of the people from our community and 25% associated with Mountainview. Some families came from other churches that have placed Mountainview’s carnival on their calendar as a “must go to” event of the spring. Most encouraging was discovering that just under 50% of the people who came into our parking lot were within walking distance of the church. You could say, the neighborhood showed up. When all the paperwork was said and done, 10% said they were open to additional contact with Mountainview. Added to the 873 people who came in, were 109 volunteers who made this day possible. When I add 873 to 109, I get 982 people, just under a thousand people serving or being served between 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. There were those who came the night before, setting up fences, electrical, and shading over tables and chairs. There were those who spent hours, days and weeks planning, preparing and plugging in people’s gifts where they were most helpful. Each station, had two shifts of volunteers, working through line ups five, six and seven children deep, during the entire four hours. The balloon blowing clown and face painting had lineups that reached 10, 12, 14 children deep. There were always lineups for free hotdogs, popcorn, snow cones, cotton candy and coffee. The fire truck was its usual splash, and angry birds is still a great hit. Some families stayed the entire four hours. The clean up crew came and before we knew it, everything was deflated, rolled up, taken down, and put away. Next Saturday, Janice has organized more volunteers to man the youth missions garage sale hoping to go to Puerto Rico next March. Christine has rounded-up people to set up for six Sunday after noon “Summer Jam” worship services at 4 pm, followed by a BBQ. Anyone and everyone is invited to come out and join us. Our parking lot is becoming a meeting place for our neighborhood, a safe middle ground for people to check us out. Thanks to all who gave of their gifts and time to make the carnival the success that it was. Come and join us Sunday afternoons, beginning July 8th, for some more community connections.     Pastor Sid

Karin Terpstra