Summer Holidays as a Time of Re-creation

grad caps.jpg

Congratulations to all our graduates! This week Mountainview hosted Monday evening graduation for grade 8 students in Heritage Christian School in Jordan, John Knox Christian School grade eight graduation on Wednesday evening, and Covenant Christian School graduation on Thursday. Tomorrow night the facility will be filled with grade eight graduates from Lakeview Public School in Grimsby. Wednesday evening family and friends from Smithville Christian high school will celebrate with grade 12 graduates, and on Thursday evening, Heritage grade twelve graduates from Jordan will fill the sanctuary with celebration and praise. A piano recital is also scheduled on Tuesday evening, marking the end of weeks and months of scales, chords, triads and arpeggios, while perfecting Royal Conservatory List A pieces, as well as B, C, and D. Students will not only be celebrating academic accomplishments and athletic achievements, but also rejoice in finally being finished, in a change of routine, in a break from mind made pressures, and constant evaluations. Summer holidays have finally arrived. Vacations are planned, camping trips organized, family reunions circled, and sleep patterns gently extended. Summer holidays have a way of affirming God’s design. The whole story of creation is written around the rhythm of evening and morning, of work and rest, of creating and not creating. We take sleep for granted, as our bones, cells and brains are renewed, replenished, and rested. We appreciate the beauty of sleep when it’s hard to come by. In the opening days of creation, God designed a whole day of rest, after six days of work. Six days of creation are followed by 24 hours of relaxing, reflection, and recreation. From sunset to sunset, we are invited to rest. Built within the rhythm of creation is the rhythm of recreation. And that’s what I believe summer holidays are to include and be about. Congratulations graduates! May each of you, and all who helped you get there, find time off from rigid routines, experience recreation in God’s creation, and replenished energy to embrace your next grade, your next school, your next transition, your next routine.

Karin Terpstra