Winter's Chill


It’s been cold out. We’ve accepted temperatures below zero as fitting for the season of winter, until they dip below -12 and – 17 and – 22, until the wind picks up and doubles the impact of the chill. There are places in Canada where these kinds of temperatures are expected and considered normal for this time of the year, but winters in Southern Ontario are not quite as harsh. Most of us have harsh winters stored in our memory banks, remembering incidents and occasions of chaos and turmoil that brought change. It is for winters such as these that people decided to build garages. Today, winters like this make people clean out all the clutter that has gathered in their garages, so the car fits inside like it was supposed to. Winters like this are good for killing larvae and reducing the number of bugs; inch worms, mosquitoes and flies the next season. They also tend to drive people inside where temperatures are warmer, allowing germs to spread, and colds and the flu to run their course through each resident. Winters like this force people to wear boots outside, shoes inside, and slippers at home. If feet are warm the rest of the body is fine. Bundling up includes scarves, touques, mittens and gloves for our fingers and hands. We may feel “a-salted,” with salt on our walkways, and poured on the streets, covering our foot-ware, making all cars white. It’s cold out and, in contrast, we are warm inside. Most of us live in homes that provide warmth against the cold. Each of our vehicles are temperature controlled, some even with heated seats. Many of us have warm places to work, yet there are still those who’s work is outside. It’s winters like this that remind us how good warm showers are, how soothing warm baths can be. It’s cold winters like this that make us grateful for warm beds and comforters that embrace. Faith in a loving God often serves the soul like a warm fire place; like a hot shower ushering in a new day on a cold morning; like a warm comforter, tucking us in for another good’s night sleep. We may live in a cold world with extreme temperatures outside, but inside, there is a warmth of the Holy Spirit that lives within.   Pastor Sid

Peter Van Geest