Gods Method of Connection

intergemerational connections.jpg

Last week Friday, we received a call from our daughter and son-in-law, living in Abbotsford British Columbia, letting us know that she gave birth to a baby boy who weighed 7.4 ounces; healthy and with a head full of dark hair. I was content with a granddaughter, who just turned 2 on June1st. She lights up our face on Skype like no one else. She’s the only one who calls me “grand dad,” and we receive so much joy in recognition. I wonder if the Lord has a similar smile that comes on his face when little children pray to him, come to him, and speak about him. Nothing warms a parents or grand parent’s heart like when a child folds their hands and closes their eyes in prayer. I wanted to know how long the labour went, how much sleep they didn’t get, and how she fared in the birthing process, and they wanted to tell me his name. They named him Reuben Sidney. I was already excited about receiving a grandson and delighted to hear his new name as Reuben, and then I heard Sidney. I never really thought about my grand child receiving my name, even if it would be in the middle. I suppose it’s similar to raising your children and discovering while each of them are different and unique, they also carry with them personal traits, and family characteristics that somehow get passed on from generation to generation. This one reminds you of an uncle or an aunt, and that one, a cousin or grandparent. Naming your child after someone becomes a little more connecting, a little more intimate. I was named after my paka Sipka Vellenga, my mother’s father, whom I barely knew. Every now and then she will say “you remind me of my father.” I’m not quite sure what she means by that because I never really knew my paka, but she loved her father and I know she loves me too. There is a personal connection between the three. It is through that very connection that God transfers his promises. Embedded in the ten commandments is this promise for those who do not take the Lord’s name in vain, but uphold it, protect it and praise and worship his Holy name. God’s love flows through a thousand generations of those who love Him and keep his commandments. A Connection is made, a relationship established, between two, between three, between four generations extending to a thousand. Soon I will hold Paka Sipka’s great, great, grandson and trust and pray that God will pour his life-giving love into Reuben Sidney’s heart as well.                                             Pastor Sid

Karin Terpstra