Praying your story in a week of guided prayer

parying story.jpg

Next week Sunday, May 27th, Mountainview will begin “A Week of Guided Prayer.” The theme this year is “PRAYING OUR STORY.” All of us have a story which we on which we can reflect. Included in each of our stories are good times and challenging times, goals accomplished and disappointments encountered, friendships gained and relationships lost. Through so many of our stories are the threads of God’s providence and generosity, of Christ’s mercy and grace, of the Holy Spirit’s correcting and empowering. Throughout the week, six aspects of our stories will be explored and will have scripture passages attached to them. On Sunday, participants will receive four passages of scripture that have to do with “Our Every Day Story”. We can choose any one of those passages and reflect on them for a day. On Monday retreatants will be given four passages on “Longing.” We will allow any of these four passages to speak to longings in your heart. On Tuesday there will be bible stories of “Encounter” for you to choose from. Here is where we reflect on God’s Spirit encountering our spirit, and our spirit encountering God’s. Wednesday we’ll hand out passages of scripture that make you reflect on “Choices” you’ve made in your lives, both good and bad, difficult ones and obvious ones. On Thursday we get to reflect on stories of “Wholeness”, where we recognize God’s work in our lives in all we do. And finally, on Friday, we are handed four passages of scripture that speak of “New Beginnings”. What kind of new beginnings could God be working in your life? The week concludes with a breakfast Saturday morning where we get to bath in the reflections of the past week and how God has been at work in our story all along. Ten people have been trained as “companions” to walk alongside you in your journey during this week, meeting with you each day and simply listening to you tell your story. Each companion is open to walking along side two or three people. Sign ups are still open this Sunday, just in front of the Library. Come and join us for a week of guided prayer. Your intentionality will bless you as you rediscover God at work in your story all along, and you at work in His story.                                     Pastor Sid

Karin Terpstra