Peace Talks Need to be Bathed in Prayer

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This past Thursday the news came across my iphone from two different sources, two minutes apart, from CBC and BBC news. I was shocked to learn that President Trump accepted an invitation to meet with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un. Apparently, I was not alone, as media outlets and news casts presented the same kind of surprise. My shock was soon replaced by embarrassment in not being able to have an imagination creative enough to boldly pray for this kind of response. Of course, the world is still waiting to see if this is all too premature to even be something worth getting excited about. We’ve been down this road with North Korea before. And this kind of political dialogue raises the stakes and possibility for failure, so much higher. However, there is another factor to this political meeting that most news agencies are not able to see, let alone recognize. It’s no secret that South Korea has a very strong Christian culture and that fervent prayer is one of their spiritual hallmarks. Of the Fifty Million people that live in South Korea, thirteen million consider themselves to be followers of Jesus. And we know that Jesus is sitting at the right hand of his Father in heaven, where he continues to wield all authority over heaven and earth. I want to believe this meeting, that has been masterfully arranged by a South Korean delegation, has a Christ-centered tone to it. Blessed are the peace makers. The month of May is still a long way off and so much could happen in the eight to ten weeks to come. It makes me wonder if we, as followers of Jesus, would not join the South Korean disciples in fervent prayer for a peaceful resolution to the escalation of nuclear tension and proliferation. Added to that prayer would be a healing of the divided nation of Korea and the release of the twenty-five million North Korean citizens, many of whom live under extreme conditions of poverty. We are still of a generation that witnessed the crumbling of the “Berlin Wall” between East and West Germany and the unification of that nation, which makes us want to believe this is still possible. As for me, I am going to continue to be in prayer for these peace talks in the weeks to come. It’s “Breaking News” items like this, that have a way of stimulating our imaginations and making our own prayer lives more vibrant. 

Pastor Sid

Karin Terpstra