Mountainview: A Community Church

It’s been another busy week at Mountainview. When this facility was originally built in 2000, there was a vision for it to serve the community of Grimsby, to be known more like a welcoming community church. Yesterday the fellowship hall was filled with tea drinkers for the annual Soroptimist Autumn Harvest Tea. The funds raised at this tea party go towards the Niagara Region Sexual Assault Centre and West Niagara Second Stage Housing & Counseling. On Friday evening Performing Arts at Mountainview welcomed Momentum Choir and raised funds for the Grimsby Life Centre; everyone who came, left inspired. On Thursday evening delegates from Classis Niagara had supper in the Fellowship hall and their Fall Classis meeting in the Foyer, because Friendship gathered in the gym at 7 p.m. Thursday during the supper hour a number of ladies came for Weight Watchers in room 13/14. On Thursday afternoon Brain Wave Café welcomed couples and families growing with understanding on how to cope with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. On Wednesday evening some 50 girls along with 10 counselors, came to GEMS. 13 of the girls are from Mountainview, and the rest are from other churches and the community. On Wednesday morning the Mission Circle put the finishing touches on 200 parcels going out to Ministry to Seafarers in Montreal. On Tuesday evening a large group of people gather together in the fellowship hall for volleyball. During the afternoon, 3 ladies came from Michigan, to work out logistics for renting our facility in May 2019, for our denominational Council of Delegates (formerly Board of Trustees). During the morning there were some 40 to 50 ladies who came out for Coffee break. Monday evening some 32 boys came out for Cadets, with 7 from Mountainview and the rest of the boys from other churches and the neighborhood. On Monday, the fellowship hall was filled with all the residents of Evergreen Terrace, where they had their annual meeting. All of these activities took place since we worshiped together just last Sunday. It would seem to me that Mountainview has fulfilled its desire of serving the community of Grimsby, and most profoundly, in worship each Sunday again.                                                                                  Pastor Sid

Karin Terpstra