Our World Belongs to God


Last week Sunday, while many of us were enjoying the full day of sunshine along with warmer temperatures then usual, alarm bells were going off in the minds of a number of scientists. On February 25th, which is usually considered the dead of winter, especially in the North Pole, where there is constant darkness and the sun never shines, the temperature climbed above zero, to 1 degree. The usual temperature for that time of the year is – 30. It would not be so bad if this was only one day, but scientists have talked about 9 days in the larger region being above zero, marking this the warmest winter in the North Pole on record. Usually this is the time of year when sea ice expands until about mid-March, but this year the ice in the Bering straight and off the coast of Greenland seems to be shrinking. Global warming continues to raise temperatures and concerns over rising waters and changing weather patterns. While these natural events take place around us, rhetoric from key global leaders continue to boast nuclear weapons like trophies on a shelf declaring greatest nation status. We confess this world belongs to God, and yet live like its ours to use, abuse, misuse and obliterate. We as Christians have a distinct advantage of knowing how this is all going to end. As it has been revealed to us in and through the bible, this world as we know it today will come to an end. We believe in life everlasting that will come through Christ’s return, establishing a new heaven and a new earth, where there will be no more suffering, no more sorrow, and no more sin. What a day that will be. But that ending creates in our hearts an urgency for the gospel message that the apostles Peter, James, John and the apostle Paul had in that first century church. Already then, they believed Christ was going to return in their life time, and the world has continued for 2000 years since. One thing we can be sure of is, that we are much closer to the end of times, as we know it, than what the apostles were. At the same time, we continue as ambassadors of Christ to carry out His redeeming work in His world today. This world belongs to God, and we still have much to do, but we can also rest in the promise of a new heaven and new earth in Christ’s return. It’s what we pray for when we say Maranatha, “Come, Lord Jesus, come.”   Pastor Sid


Karin Terpstra