This Re-Group is an opportunity for you to be connected in a small group. In our small groups we create community; rejoicing with those who are celebrating, grieving with those who are sad and encouraging one another as we seek to follow our Lord.

You are invited to look through the list of groups that are ready to welcome you and to join the group that intrigues you and fits your schedule. If you have any questions, contact our Pastor of Community Life, Pastor Fred ( or 289-260-0568). 

Group Leader(s): PJ & Margaret Vermeer


·      This group will meet either bi-weekly or monthly, depending on what works best for the participants, in members’ homes.

·      Study material will consist of a contemporary disc teaching series on the Catechism featuring Dr. Craig Barnes (Presbyterian minister)

·      This group is welcoming 10 new members.

Group Leader: Pastor Fred

·      This group meets on the 3rd Friday of the month, in the Fireside Room of our church.

·      Study material consists of a book entitled, Sacred Thirst, written by Dr. Craig Barnes.

·      This group is welcoming 4 new members.

Group Leader: Harry Kort – Walking Group

·      This group starts with a group huddle, walks in the Beamsville Flemming Centre and enjoys each other’s fellowship over a cup of coffee at Conversations.

·      They gather on Monday and Thursday mornings, beginning at 10 o’clock. 

·      Participants may come on only Monday, only Thursday or on both days. 

·      This group is welcoming an unlimited number of participants.

Group Leader: Dave Kelly – Music Group

·      The focus of this group is singing; singing barbershop style, singing hymns, and contemporary Christian songs.

·      Practicing times and frequency will be determined by the participants of the group.

·      The goal is to participate in our worship services at Mountainview.

·      All people who love to sing are welcome.

Group Leader: Art Koornneef (Pastor Fred is presently filling in for Art.)

·      This group meets every other week, starting on January 14th, in the Fireside Room of our church.

·      The study material consist of the prepared questions from the previous Sunday’s sermon. 

·      All people who are interested are welcome to join.

Group Leader: Corinne Bosch – Photography Club

·      This group meets monthly in the Fireside Room, mostly on the 1stMonday evening of the month.

·      Together this group learns the technique of photography through exploring a spiritual theme in their picture taking.

·      If you have a camera, are interesting in improving your picture taking skills and enjoy the company of people, you are welcome to join us.

 Group Leader: Liz Meijer – Book Club

·      This groups meets monthly (for the most part). It gathers in the Library of our church on Sunday evenings.

·      Books are selected from the books set aside for Reading Clubs at the local library.

·      Various participants take turns at leading the discussions.

·      All who love to read and talk about what the author writes are welcome to join.

Group Leader: Barbara Van Geest

  • This group meets every other Monday evening at Barbara’s place. The evening begins at 7:00 and ends at 8:30.

  • The discussion is centered on a Bible book using supplementary material as a guide.

  • This group welcomes 2 – 3 people into their group. Persons of any age are welcome.

 Along with the above opportunities to connect, the +65 group, the Saturday morning’s men’s study group, the Mission Circle, the Wednesday evening Prayer Ministry and the women in the Coffee Break Program always are welcoming new participants.


Existing Small Groups

 (the following groups are not taking new members at this time.)

 Contact Persons– Lawrence & Helen De Graaf

Participants: John & Sue Kikkert, Eric & Elsie Heinen, Andy & Rita Fluit, Ed & Carol Van Dijk, Fred & Michelle Niemeyer, Hans & Josie Voorberg, Graham & Lorraine Austin.

 Contact Persons– Ryan & Rachel Kleefman

Participants: Spencer & Diana Farrow, Brandon & Leah Koetsier, Jason & Sarah Geerlinks, Matt & Maria Oliveira, Jen DeJonge, Katrina de Roche

 Contact Persons– Robert & Elsa Deyell

Participants: Tony & Ruth Ann Kamphuis, Fred & Nelli VanderBerg, Rob & Jane Van Wely, Andy & Rita Fluit, Wilma VanderMey

 Contact Persons– Will & Karen Lammers

                  Participants: George & Sylvia Prins, Henry & Joanne Koornneef, Sid & Patty Feddema

 Contact Persons– Neil & Mary Jane VanGeest

Participants: Peter & Trudy Skipper, Ron & Marion Bergshoeff, Ted & Kathy Koudys, George & Fran Dekker, Gary & Kathy Myerink, Martin & Marion Vantol

 Contact Person– Kevin Antonides (Men’s breakfast group

Participants: Peter Heersink, Rob VanWely, Rob Heersink, Robert McCulloch, Dan Huinink, PJ Vermeer, Ian Vermeer, Bryan Van Geest, Brian Harteman

 Contact Persons– Art & Irene Dreyer

Participants: John & Corinne Bosch, Dan & Tilda Dam, Ralph & Erna Fluit, John & Renee Teitsma, Jim & Martha Van Hoffen 

 Contact Persons– Peter & Kim Heersink

Participants: Judy VandenBroek, Coby Hoiting, Alice & Ron Posthumus, Dave & Sylvia Vangoch, John & Sandra DeVisser

 Contact Persons– Adam & Holly Bylsma

Participants: Jay & Josie DeGraaf, Harold & Donna Feddema, Dave & Trish DeVries, Chis & Annette Klingenberg, Bill & Lois Hanson

 Contact Persons– Darryl & Ingrid Beck

Participants: Terry & Lisa Talsma, Jeff & Michelle Zondag, Rob & Natalie Posthumus, Paul & Lorie Toohey

 Contact Persons– Jerry & Alice Gerritsn (One in the Spirit)

Participants: Tony & Corry Batenburg, Peter & Jane De Visser, Max & Liz Meijer, Bernie & Janet Scholman, Ernie & Yetty Termorshuizen, Barbara Van Geest

Contact Persons – Duane & Jess Van Geest and Dave & Kari De Graaf

Participants: Brad & Elissa Koornneef, Chris and Jen Prins

 Contact Persons – Robert & Elsa Deyell

Participants: Tony & Ruth Ann Deyell, Fred & Nelli VanderBerg, Rob & Jane Van Wely, Andy & Rita Fluit, Wilma VanderMey