We are encouraged to come together in prayer and give prayer a higher priority in our lives and ministry of the church.  There are several ways to participate in prayer.

We would love the opportunity to lift your cares, concerns, thanksgiving or praise, in prayer. 

Every Wednesday evening from 7-8 pm the Prayer Ministry Small Group meets together. They pray for one another, our members, neighbours, community, country and world. They would love to have the privilege of praying with or for you. Submit a prayer request, or join us at 7 pm in the prayer room.

Each Sunday morning during Worship we have the opportunity  to share in corporate prayer, where your request may be lifted before the Lord.

The Bridge App offers us the opportunity to share prayer with our members via their mobile devices. Share a prayer request 'publicly' with everyone, or to 'members' only.

Each Sunday morning, before and after the worship service, there are prayer team members waiting in the prayer room to share time with you in prayer. Be encouraged to drop by and share your requests.

We are a community of Small Groups, the members of each group are encouraged to pray for each other and the needs of our community.

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